Road Trip: Washington, D.C.

This was going to be titled ‘inside the beltway.’  Instead, if you don’t know what it means, here’s a short explanation at Wikipedia

I’d prefer to chat about being a tourist in our capital.  It’s obvious who works there (dressed for serious business with biggest leather tote bags) and the rest of us in good walking shoes, comfortable clothes and backpacks. I liked being comfortable. 

Discoveries on this trip: 

Sunrise on the Washington monument

  • Sunrise and sunset colors the Washington monument.
  • Something is always being renovated, this time, the capital building and the National Mall grounds. No pictures of ugly chain link fencing. 
  • Something is always being built. This time, it is a new museum, African American History and Cultural. 
  • I heard so many more languages than American English.  Are internationals more interested in our museums and historic landmarks than we are?  Or maybe it’s because I didn’t go to bigger Smithsonian museums. 
  • I always go to the Sackler and Freer Galleries to see old favorites and new exhibits. This will probably be the last time I get to see an old favorite, Whistler’s Peacock Room. (Exhibit ends January 2016.) This time, beautiful intricate Islamic Calligraphy.  
  • And finally, my new favorite place is the courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery. I love the undulating roof and the water ‘fall’ floor.  One of the few peaceful places in DC. 

National Portrait Gallery courtyard

Thanks for stopping by.  

Chat with you later. 


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