Spring Mad Dash

I feel like the starter gun has just been shoot and I’m in a race to get EVERYTHING done before the sweltering heat and humidity of summer arrives for good.  I’m still learning to live in the south.  The hard lesson is not to procrastinate on any outdoor to-do list tasks. Suck it up and get it done.  (It was much easier this year because Hubby took some vacation days.)


Three double windows, front and patio doors were upgraded and replaced, hopefully so they don’t need refinishing every other spring.  Waited several years before making the investment. So glad we finally did. The difference in temperature and noise is significant. 

New front doors being installed. Definely not a DYI project.


The old front doors are waiting for some interior decorating DIY. I’m hoping to silver leaf the windows for a giant hall mirror. 

Along with painting the entry and dining room. It’s a symptom of upgrade creep. New doors shows off old scuffed walls. 


Added motion sensor outdoor lights to the darkest walkways. 

Since not all windows were replaced, we just refinished six.  They will need a third cost of paint as soon as the rain stops. The rest of the windows will have to wait until the fall.  

Note to self: next house should be single story!  Or maybe in the next few years we’ll replace the remaining pair of upstairs windows. 


white bleeding hearts & solomon’s seal



A few early spring flowers get me out in the yard.  Hummmm…maybe I should plant more spring flowers that are not white.  Rain wakes up all seeds, e.g., lots of weeds. And I want to get them before they get bigger or start to seed. Already too late for one kind of weed that is spring loaded.  As soon as I touched it, seeds shoot out in all directions.  

Note to self: gets these guys before they flower!  

Splurged at the annual plant sale on ferns for the shade garden and stonecrop for the sunny yard.  Who knew a zero lot house would have such different microclimates?

I am very grateful that we did not buy a house with a large garden. Now that I’ve attacked the weeds that survived last winter and any new seedlings, maintainence will hopefully be just an hour or so a week. 

It feels so good to checked that off my to-do list. 


One last big project still on the garden to-do list. Dig out the wild ginger. It’s too aggressive and taking over other plants. Beautiful plant, nicely scented, but it’s behaving like mint or bamboo. It’s becoming a pest. 


Next week, I’ll be tackling Mom’s yard, much bigger than mine.  But it’s a delicate to work in her yard, lots of song birds come to the waterfall. Bluebirds, finches, mockingbirds, cardinals, sparrows, squirrels and rabbits. Last year we counted 4 nests (robins & mockingbird). 

Last day in the nest, 2014

Chat with you next week. 

Post script:  a few blogs are starting to post about spring cleaning. I’ll add more as I see them. 

Caring for your garden tools From Get Rich Slowly

A gardening podcast: A Way To Garden


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