Changes to the 2015 Knitting Bucket List

Link to original bucket list.

The change all starts with Dark Matter Knits podcast, episode 23. She shows a new hat design for men called ‘Aftershave.’ 

 I had to show it to my hubby. He LIKED IT! (four years of watching me knit and hubby has not wanted ANY knit wear.  I had to jump on this.)

I now have a whole new category of knitting projects. Hats for hubby! 

 Of course, we went immediately to the Local Yarn Shop to pick up this last winter’s hats worth of soft wool!


Now four lovely hats are swished in the center console of his car.  Worn once or twice.  They are too hot and itchy. They are not super wash, so forget about donating them. Maybe I’ll let them shrink a bit for my use. Hmmmm….

Dashed hope for a new knitting category…scratch THAT off my bucket list. 

Second change, scratching off one of the big projects, the Debbie McIver Swirl jacket. 

I have to book. I have the yarn. I have narrowed it down to two but couldn’t make that final decision. Couldn’t make that commitment leap.  

Than I see that Bliss Yarns in Brentwood Tennessee will have a trunk show at the same time I’m in the area. Woo Hoo! Thank you Bliss Yarns!  Hubby took pictures so I could pick out the one I wanted. Instead, I was the frumpiest old lady you’ve ever seen.  Hope and dreams of a long hours of knitting AND a beautiful flattering jacket dashed. Tragedy and disappointment averted. But even so my heart sank. Reality is no fun. 

Evidence: two of the five jackets. 


As a consolation and encouraged by hubby, I did some stash enhancement at the shop. I was caught off guard by hubby’s enabling. He’s way more dangerous than knitting friends!

My bucket list summer knitting is self-restricted to cotton, linen, socks. I got all three categories. Snagged the current rage, Regia’s Arne & Carlos for self-patterned socks.  Euroflax has a new lace weight linen (on the spool). Juniper Moon Zooey is a cotton-linen blend in natural. Plus something purple.  

blurry image, still learning to use the camera: newly acquired at Bliss Yarns

So my bucket list expanded, contracted, deflated, and has settled into something reasonable. 

Chat with you next week. 


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