Obligatory Apology for Blog Silence

I need to end the silence or forever more be too embarrassed to ever blog again. It’s time to suck it up and end the silence AND the embarrassment.

I don’t know if you want an explanation for four months of silence.  Some of it is interesting, like the road trips and studio time, the rest was spent sitting at the computer with a year of receipts.  I won’t bore you with details of the multiple start overs with spreadsheets.  Besides, this is still a blog about the creative process, not ‘creative’ bookkeeping. 

I did listen and watch lots of podcasts and CreativeLive streaming about start-ups, entrepreneurs, and othe business stuff.  Those traits and characteristics of preserverence, focus, single mindedness, driven, blab blab blab. Who was I kidding? ,,,,I…one of the few who ‘make it’.  Really???  

In my mind, blogging and the Etsy shop had been melded together. My mistake. They really are two different but related things started in 2014. 

Is blogging worthwhile? Yes.  It’s been enjoyable and painful at the same time.  I enjoy blogging.  I enjoy sharing insights and observations. Just not multiple times a week and not the computer hours to produce a post. It took me a day and a half. (People lied when they said it would get easier and faster.) I think some of this has been resolved with the new smart phone. And I’m not going to strive for perfection. But reserve the right to go bad and edit a post. (Which I am doing right now). 

Where do I want to take the Slanted Stitches business?  I still don’t know the answer to this. I really do enjoy the design process. I enjoy it when I see my bags being used. I love hearing from many of you.  I love learning new things in the process.  Production will be limited. Just assume I am always striving to improve products. 

How bad are my numbers for the first year? Technically, not bad. I made a profit, not including my labor. I discovered I was over zealous about fabric stashing/inventory that is embarrassing. And DIY the bookkeeping setup was a bad idea. I just bought Quickbooks. Please solve all my numbers problems for me?!?!  I’ll see the accountant in a few weeks.

Enough of that…..

What were the fun parts of the last four months?

Fortunately knitting is portable. Lots of knitting has happened, enough for a separate post.

Finished Knitting Projects in 2015

So far this year, I have been to Washington DC, Kentucky, Portsmouth & Boston and Florida.  I did posts pictures on Instagram.  I will try to be better at posting them here as well. A bit more learning curve for editing photographs on a smart phone. 

Washington , DC composite

Inbetween trips, I have been at the sewing machine.  The first attempt of a new handbag was a total failure. The second bag was a modification of a purchased pattern. More successful.  But frustrating to use.  The last three versions are being road tested by knit friends as I write.  I’m going to assume a few more versions in the near future. 

Bag prototypes.

I’m going to declare this first post by smart phone a success!


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