Failed the Marshmallow Test

Most days I honestly think if I had been in the Marshmallow experiment

Marshmallow Test

Marshmallow Test

as a kid, I would have done well.  Me, who am I fooling.  I would have swallowed that marshmallow as soon as the instructor left the room!  There are lots of videos online of kids in such a test.  They are cute and funny.

It use to start with Halloween candy.  Fortunately, no kid at home and few kids in the neighborhood means no excuses to buy the big bags. Now, temptation doesn’t start until Thanksgiving. Then the month of holiday parties and get-togethers, followed by birthdays in January and February.  It’s just too much exposure.

It’s not a critical thing for everyone else. But I pay dearly for the winter long self-indulgence. All that sugar, fat and white flour flares up chronic inflammation in my neck and shoulders.  Not the kind that a good massage can fix.  It’s the kind that strong pain medicine, doctors or physical therapists can’t fix.  Usually, I am good enough with self-control, the pain is tolerable and manageable.  This year, it was not.  This year, it all hit last week.  It flared into a brain numbing irrational short-circuited loop.  I finally made a good decision and just went to bed.  Slept it off for twelve hours which worked.  Sort of a shutdown and reboot.

I know the old culprits:  Things that cause inflammation.

  1. cold weather
  2. no exercise
  3. not eating right
  4. overworking the same repetitive motions (sewing, knitting and computer)

Boring stuff.  All things I can easily remedy.  Most of the time I’ve been able to sail through the holidays without any payback by keeping those culprits in check.

Instagram, AltonBrown, Cookies

Instagram, AltonBrown, Cookies

The new culprit.  Maybe this is an easy scapegoat, and definitely not expected, social media.  I started using Pinterest and Instagram this year.  I don’t follow food related posts in Pinterest.  So process of elimination…Instagram.  Y’all post too many pretty pictures of yummy foods.  Yeah, I’m gullible seeing lots pictures of yummy foods.

Good bye, AltonBrown, TestKitchen, Ina_Garten and SmittenKitchen.

And if you think I’m still being irrational.  You’re probably right.  But from reading books like Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely’s book.  I am also right.  Dan chats about topics in the book here.

And I am dealing with the old culprits too.


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