2015 Knitting Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about next year and decided to change it from goals to a bucket list.
A bucket list seems like less pressure.

How I came up with the list:

  • What new thing do I want to learn?
  • What big project do I want to accomplish?
  • What do I need to enhance existing wardrobe for summer and winter?
  • What charity knitting am I doing?
  • Re-organize Ravelry pattern queue.  Where do they fit in my needs list?
  • What yarns (at least two from each, the Northwest trip, at SSK and older stash) do I already have that will work with the above?

I will be taking into account at least 3 fiber festivals I plan to attend, Oxford Fiber Arts Festival in Oxford, MS, Stitches South in Nashville, SSK in Nashville (wait listed), and any other that happens during a road trip.  My shopping list is narrowed to socks and linen.

New skill:

  • Color work
    I’ll start small with hats and mittens, which I do need for winter.
    They can also be for gifts.

Big Project:


Hanne Falkenberg’s Mermaid jacket

Sandra McIver's Shades of Grey Swirl sweater

Sandra McIver’s Shades of Grey Swirl sweater

Sandra McIver's Sheer Beauty Swirl sweater

Sandra McIver’s Sheer Beauty Swirl sweater

  • Hanne Falkenberg’s Mermaid sweater jacket, if I’m brave
  • *Sandra McIver, one of the Swirl sweaters* see post:2015 Update to Knitting Bucket List. Sadly this one gets crossed off the list. 




Need to enhance wardrobe:

Warm weather needs:

  • Shawl or scarf in cotton in natural→Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Little Arrowhead shawl, Thrift Cotton Izod [old stash]
  • Shawl or scarf in linen in ?→Elizabeth Green Musselman’s Summer in Angers, ?
  • sweater or shrug in cotton in white→?
  • sweater or shrug in linen or silk→?, thrift silk Greg Norman [old stash]

Cold weather needs:

  • Cowl in black and white→Inpira cowl pattern, use Schoppel-Wolle Lace [old stash]
  • Cowl in purple or red→Martina Behm’s Viajante, use thrift shop stash (silk Max Studio) [old stash]
  • Shawl in purple→?, Mountain Colors [Northwest]
  • Shawl in purple→Laura Linneman’s , Must Stash Yarn Himalaya [SSK]
  • hat and fingerless mittens in purple→Dream in Color and Wandering Wool [SSK]
  • hat and fingerless mittens→Mary Jane Mucklestone, maybe my first handspun
  • socks, socks and more socks in Ravelry queue [Northwest and SSK and old stash]

Charity or gifts:

  • Participate in the guild sweater KAL starting in January (child size sweater for Women’s Exchange)
  • Hats for the guild (Women’s Exchange or Holy Communion church)
  • Hats for SSK (just in case I get in)
  • Socks for family
  • One of Susan B. Anderson’s animals, giraffe and bunny patterns

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