Another Roadtrip: A Floral Wedding Diversion

Another trip, but no road trip pictures.  I assume you are not interested in seeing LA traffic.  Besides, I flew in for a family wedding.

The last time I chatted with the bride, I thought bouquets were eliminated.  So it was a bit of a surprise when I found out a week before the wedding that I was making bridesmaids bouquets.  I’m sure it’s a case of too many spinning plates, that she didn’t tell me earlier.  I did panic just a bit.  This could be a challenge since it’s ONLY been about 30 years since the last time I worked a wedding.  So I’m a bit nervous, plus I’m working with two strangers, friends of the groom.

Sister-In-Law's Wedding Flowers

Sister-In-Law’s Wedding Flowers

Well, ok, my sister-in-law sprang the same thing a few days before her wedding (and a thousand miles from my supplies).  Thank you Trader Joes (where I found most of her flowers).

And, yes, the son’s wedding was the exception, but I didn’t make the bouquets.  I made the table centerpieces and alter piece EARLY.  They wanted cherry blossoms in May.  We compromised, I made cherry pies for the grooms dinner and made the cherry blossoms out of tissue paper.  That took 4 months and a floral invasion of much of the house.

Cherry Blossoms, preparing for wedding

Cherry Blossoms, preparing for wedding

I should do a tutorial for the cherry blossoms.  I still haven’t seen anything like it online.

Back to the current wedding… I knew the dresses were purple and the brides’ favorite color was a yellow green.  Perfect color combination.  If you want the technical color analysis, I decided on a split complimentary combination of colors.  Purple’s complement/opposite on the color wheel is yellow.  Next to yellow is both yellow green and yellow orange.  Should be plenty to choose from at the flower market.Split complementary

OK. No hyperventilating, we will be driving right by Michael Levine and the garment district in LA.  All will still be closed when I’m riding through the area.  Good thing I just decided to be on a fabric diet.  Plus I will not have time to shop.

Bridesmaid's bouquet

Bridesmaid’s bouquet

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in the LA Flower Market.  It’s big, but manageable. The great gals, strangers no more, knew who would have what.  We were in and out in less than an hour, really good considering it feels like the size of Ikea.  (Thanks Karen and Lynne, that was a great day working together.)  I’ve included several pictures from the market.  I assume that most people have never been there.

What was found:

  • Lisianthus for the Iris
  • Yellow calla lily
  • yellow green dendrobium
  • Maidenhair fern and an umbrella shaped fern (my new favorite)
  • Added Melaluca and a fun yellow button/pompom.

It was a fun day.  Of course exhausting.  I’m glad I’m home.

A few pictures from the market…Yes it does smell wonderful.  But only when you first walk in.

LA Flower Market, blurry picture

LA Flower Market, blurry picture

Buckets of roses

Buckets of roses

Dendrobium orchid sprays

Dendrobium orchid sprays















And after the wedding, a few minutes to breathe, relax and see the ocean.

Point Vicente Lighthouse

Point Vicente Lighthouse





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