Friday Fabric Stories

I have to start sharing the things I’m discovering on the internet.  This is something I use to do with the Midsouth Knitting Guild newsletter.   But now I get to share more than just knitting stuff.

This week’s blogs about fabric….

Alabama Chanin
Alabama Chanin skirt Designer clothes, organic, local artisans, handmade… I originally wrote them off as beyond my price point.  They are, but I was wrong.  I just started following the blog and found this post, Alabama Cotton Revisited, compelling (includes a NPR audio segment).  And I’m putting their School of Making workshops and books on my bucket list.


Marcy Tilton
MarcyTiltonLogoUntil this year, she was just a name with a funky logo and funky designs in the Vogue Patterns catalog.  I never thought of her as a real person.  Wrong again.  This year, I found her blog and have been following her trips to Paris, sewing projects….she has a fabric barn!


This Is Colossal
Woolnough's Ginko LeafThis Is Colossal is an amazing website with every kind of art work imaginable.  My current favorite fiber artist is Meredith Woolnough.  I’m a sucker for ginkyo leaves and nautilus shells.



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