Full Circle or Right-Angled Triangle?

Self-striping yarn (10 Days of Fiesta color, Muststash Yarns)

Self-striping yarn (10 Days of Fiesta color, Muststash Yarns)


Snohomish Estuary lace shawl

These two projects have accompanied me on the 10,000 miles I have traveled in the last 5 weeks.

I was SO confident that they would easy, mindless road trip projects and be completed on the first trip. Boy, was I wrong.


Snohomish Estuary lace shawl (detail)

Snohomish Estuary lace shawl (detail)


I picked Estuary, the TinCan Knits lace shawl pattern by Emily Wessel for the time I would be spending along the waters of the Pacific Northwest. The Sea to Sky colorway of Huckleberry Knits  Cascara lace yarn (from Bellingham, Washington) bought at the Fiber Fusion Northwest in Snohomish last year was the perfect choice. It was the perfect project to symbolize the trip, but definitely not mindless knitting. I could only work on it if I had lots of space, time and no interruptions. So it was relegated to a few minutes at night in the hotel rooms.  You can see I mistakenly skipped a few rows in the pattern.  Let’s just say, my Estuary had some choppy waters.

Tampa Bay Estuary

Tampa Bay Estuary

Instead of finishing on the first trip in the northwestern corner of the US, it was finished on the last trip at the opposite corner of the US. I know, Tampa is not technically at the edge, just 250 miles from the actual edge.   The fun thing, our hotel is looking out to Tampa Bay near a spot called the Estuary.  It feels like I’ve come full circle…is it really a right-angled triangle?

And the always easy vanilla socks. Not so easy this time. The 10 Days of Fiesta Perfect sock yarn by Must Stash yarns is 10 evenly striped colors. Something new for me and has been come quite a learning experience. I discovered that the afterthought heel looks the best. I have never done an afterthought heel before. Well…I didn’t technically do an after-thought heel. The first heel I did was one I knew and assumed would look ok, the Fish Lips Kiss heel.

FLK Heel, soon to be ripped out

FLK Heel, soon to be ripped out

Nope, it looked terrible. So on the second sock, I decided to do an afterthought heel. It looks SO much better. Except for the holes at the two end points and the pointy tips of the Kitchener stitch bind off. Figured out how to fix the holes and points when I ripped out the first sock’s Fish Lips Kiss (FLK) heel and re-knit as an afterthought heel. Then the second sock’s heel was re-knit again.

Hubby thinks I’m crazy. He doesn’t understand why I’m willing to undo several hours of work, like I was happy being punished as Sisyphus.  Not so when I am learning something new.

I think I’m going to try the Double Heelix next.

The best video I’ve found on the Kitchener stitch is Ann Hanson’s free mini Craftsy class, The Ins & Outs of Grafting.


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