Road Testing Bags

Did I mention I’ve been traveling a lot?

On trip #2, like I said in the previous post, Traveling Still, I’ve been fabric hunting instead of sewing.  In Pittsburgh, I was gifted some fabrics by a dear friend.  So I brought home another 20 pounds of fabric.

And as mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t able to finish the new set of sock size bag.  I manage to finish one prototype bag.   I’ve been using it, road testing it for my sock knitting.  I love the sparkling vinyl.  It’s so fun to see all the time.  But I’m glad the rest weren’t complete… there are plenty of modification to make.


Small Knitting Project bag, prototype (before)

I need to switch to stronger thread and reinforce seams.
I needed to redesign the strap.
I needed to change the size just a bit to better fit a pattern.
And I need to find a better fabric for the snap band.

Small Knitting Project bag, Bold Sparkle

Small Knitting Project bag, Bold Sparkle

Check, check, check, check and check!  That was all accomplished on the 3 days we were home between trips #2 & #3.

I LOVE the new bag!  Just a few more tweaks needed.

Trip #3 was much better. No sewing machine. Instead, I brought my least favorite aspect of business…my laptop. I have been able to plug everything into the accounting database and linked scanned receipts to entries. Stuff I’ve been putting off since starting this little venture.  Finally getting all that accounting backlog up to date makes me feel a tiny bit more professional. Love checking this box off my procrastination list.  For brownie points, I managed to write the first drafts of these blog posts.

The tote I was using on the first two trips wasn’t big enough, so I switched to a tote bag given to me by my sister-in-law. Love the size of this bag. My medium size and sock size bags fit comfortably along with my purse and a full size notebook.  I plan to use this size and another tote bag I bought on trip #1 as pattern samples for my new totes.

Trip #3 included a stop at my favorite fabric haunts in Dallas.  Just filling in the holes of my stash, things I can’t ever find at the local big box stores.  Nothing exciting.

I am looking forward to getting back into the sweatshop, to start production on the sock size bags and experimenting with different tote bags.  But for now, I have to spend some time getting the Etsy shop back up.

Next 2 posts will be more about the trips, Full Circle or Right-Angled Triangle, Road Trip Drive-bys.


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