Traveling Still

Pittsburgh Skyline

Pittsburgh Skyline

Slanted Stitches Etsy shop is on vacation.  It’s too hard to make this little enterprise mobile.

I’ve been visiting family and friends and accompanying hubby.  We drove from Whistler, BC to Los Angeles, Tennessee to Pittsburgh, and the last trip for me…Tennessee to Fort Worth to San Antonio to Tampa.  A lot of driving.  And I am just plain tired.

You would think I’d have tons of knitted finished objects (FOs) to show you.  By the time this gets posted, I hope two are finished.  A lace shawl, Estuary from TinCanKnits (Huckleberry yarns) and self-striping socks (Must Stash yarns, 10 Days of Fiesta colorway).  You can see their progress on Instagram.  (I am slantedstitches.)

I did try…really I did…I took my sewing machine and enough stuff to finish one set of bags.     The hotel rooms make a nice tiny sweatshop.  But, of course, I forgot to cut the last side panel.  I’ve got to get that checklist written and printed!

Failing that, I have been fabric shopping.

This is the dangerous part of being a fiberholic.  I have been able to restrain myself because I have plenty of cotton, linen, indoor/outdoor decorator fabrics for the current style of wedge bag.  And, you know what, my confidence and skill level has increased as well as having a better sewing machine.  The only reason I can say that is when I look at my early bags (they look a bit shabby in comparison).

Adding a new style opens up my self-imposed restrictions to a whole new category of fabrics to seek.  I didn’t have many of the heavier upholstery fabrics.  I wouldn’t have dared forced my old Elna to stitch through them.  She would have choked.  With Henry, my Singer Heavy Duty, I will dare to try.  So now, there is too many beautiful potentials and I want to make ALL of them.   Here are some that I couldn’t resist.  Please excuse the quality of the photographs.  I’m doing this on the road without proper lighting and camera.

Fabrics from Washington state and Pennsylvania

Fabrics from Washington state and Pennsylvania


Fabrics from Washington state and Pennsylvania


Fabrics from Washington state and Kentucky

Fabrics from Washington state and Kentucky


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