Worst and Best Flight

I did not mention in previous posts that I would be absent for a few weeks.  I went to the west coast to spend time with family.  Respecting their privacy means they are off-topic.  I did manage to shop for new fabrics for large tote bags, which will be shared in another post.

(pic of planes)

Finally we are leaving LAX.

I was at LAX from 8:00 am for a 10:30 am flight.  Boarded the plane, waited 2 hours on the plane before they decided to tow it to a hanger, expecting to re-board at 3:00 pm.  Instead, we didn’t leave LAX until 6:00 pm.  We picked up our bags around 12:30am.  Got to bed around 1:30 am.  It was a very long day.  The airline did provide us with a sandwich and later a $75 voucher.

I was armed with knitting, the Estuary shawl and self-striping socks.  But both needed more thinking than was available.  Lesson learned,  I must have a simple project available to knit.


Time to start the heel.

Time to start the heel.

Love this yarn.  My first time knitting an indie dyer’s sock yarn.  The first sock, Must Stash yarn’s 10 Days of Fiesta, the stripes are very consistent, so I want to keep the rhythm going by changing yarn at the heel.  I decided to use the other end of the yarn cake to do the heel.  But taking the cake out of the ‘girdle’ will probably mean messy outer ring of yarn.  I should have done that before arriving at the airport.  Live and learn.

Estuary shawl pattern, Huckleberry Yarns

Peace and quiet equals progress.

I did work on the Estuary shawl (Huckleberry Yarns), but probably ripped out and re-knit the same 6 rows at least 3 times.  Much praise to Huckleberry Yarns for holding up well to my ripping/knitting abuse.  I’ve learned my lesson, charted stitch patterns are not done with lively conversations.

The conversations were good.   John and Liz, Cynthia and others made the 10 hour wait more fun and interesting.  I met a houseboat owner, a wedding dressmaker, a female union electrician, a pharmacy student, an electrical engineer, and a 10 year old home schooled child who knew a lot more about ancient Egypt than anyone but his mother.

Meeting them was the best part of the flight.

Thank you all.


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