Anticipation, Anticipation
That Carly Simon song pops in my head as I’m losing steam on the current projects.

I use to have too many unfinished projects.  They were hidden around the house, but were always nagging and criticizing me for giving up on them.  Start-itis use to be a real problem for me.  I love the excitement of starting a new project, diving into a bit of the unknown, experimenting with new combinations…  Now I use it as motivation to get through the current projects.  I just made it a rule.  I HAVE to finish the current projects to start new ones.  Of course, I have categories of current projects.

a. gift knitting
b. a shawl or garment for me
c. socks
d. 1 project bag set…

Do you use anticipation as a motivator to get things done?

The last few steps for knitting are VERY tedious.  Shawl rows near the end are 500-700 stitches long and most likely a more complicated lace stitch pattern.  Then the bind-off. I always dread the bind-off.  It’s the Goldilocks issue when it’s hard to get the tension right, I tend to either bind-off too loose or too tight.

MustStash and Huckleberry yarns

Anticipating next yarn projects, MustStash and Huckleberry yarns

I have to take a break and go looking in my craft closet for the next project.  I’m about to finish a shawl with linen yarn from last year’s trip to the west coast.  I just decided the next one should be from the same trip. (Mountain Colors, Bearfoot base, Portland Rose colorway from the Yarn Garden.  Sad to hear that they just closed.  At the last minute, I switched to a Huckleberry lace yarn I bought at a fiber festival in Snohomish, WA)    I also decided to always have a pair of socks on the needles.  The current one is 3/4 done, just before the second heel.  Tonight, I’ll cake my new SSK purchase, Must Stash‘s 10 Days of Fiesta.

(pic of next project in gold)

Anticipating the next sewing project

And the sewing…I LOVE the beginning and the end results, but getting there is tough, lots of little bits of stuff to do, lots of changing thread color (OK, maybe I’m a bit picky).  The last steps are always opportunities for disaster.  So I definitely save this step for when I’m fully rested and not stressed.

When I need a break, I love experimenting with selection of the fabrics for the next project.  This ‘gather’ was inspired by the handprinted tropical linen on the bottom.  I’ve been wanting to play with this linen from Raleigh, NC.   I found a nice textured vegan leather that I had previously set aside for a black project.  It works much better here.  The other fabrics came from trips to St. Louis, Portland, Los Angeles.  Lots of fun memories goes into these bags.

Writing this post gives me a whole new idea…I’m going to include in the bag’s description where I found the fabrics.



One thought on “Anticipation

  1. dingledaisy

    Your plan for WIP’s sounds a little like mine. I have a new project, a pair of socks, project that will take awhile and an old WIP. I have been doing that for a few weeks or more and it is working so far. But I have so many projects on my mind that I want to start. Temptation…is that a song?


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