Part 4: Subjective/Objective

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Subjectives are social, they need people.
Objectives work best with things.
I’m a half and half subjective/objective personality.   The counselor’s conclusion: I would work best if I can work on my own projects but be around people.  What career fits with THAT?

Now I understand my bizarre career zigzagging path…

The Objective side:

florist, landscape designer, art quilts, silversmith, cloisonné enamel…  Training (subjective/objective balance) was absolutely wonderful, I’d be the star pupil, the creative juices were over flowing, I was eating, sleeping, & breathing projects.  Once I was set free to pursue my path, I thrived for about 6-12 months.  Then the isolation would become unbearable with only the radio to keep me company.  What’s happening? Why can’t I get the work done?  Then, I’d go to a week-long workshop, and be rejuvenated for a few months.  But back in the studio, the isolation grew even more oppressive.

Can I just go to school forever? Forget about the real world.

The Subjective side:

Instead, I’d get a ‘real’ job…florist shop, commission sales, museums, teaching, tech call center, data manager… I loved each job, make employee of the month and love the coworkers for the first year.  Then being around all those people, all the time (do you hear the whining)….guess what came next…I’d find another craft that was going to be ‘it’ for me.

My career was flip-flopping every two years from solo artist to little Miss Corporate.
This behavior repeated so often, I thought I was really crazy.

What was wrong with me!?!  THIS behavior is what drove me to Johnson O’Connor.

THIS subjective/objective thing explained EVERYTHING.  Now, fixing it…Not easy…How does one be artistic and social at the same time?

The Subjective/Objective balance:

Here’s where knitting and knitting friends clicks into my life.  I can knit just about everywhere I go.  I can interact with whoever is around me, or I can zone out and focus on the work at hand.  Either way, I am making something.  Right now, I meet a group of knitters at the FedExFamily House where we teach anyone how to knit.  In between teaching, we are knitting our own projects.  It is the perfect balance between the subjective/objective sides.

How I’m keeping the social while I’m sewing in the studio?  Well, I am still in the first year of this new venture.  What is working right now…technology and finally jumping into a social media I like.

PODCASTS!!!!  I inherited my hubbies old iphone and turned it into my micro mini-ipad.  I currently have 36 hours of 47 podcasts waiting for me.  Cooking, gardening, podcasting, bloggers, knitters, sewists, small business advise, grammar, word of the day, daily bible, audiobooks, short stories, TED talks….

I JUST started Instagram.  I might be stuck in the studio, but I get to pretend to live vicariously through others. And when I think about it, I’ll share what I’m working on at the moment.

I am quite content with my current subjective/objective work-around.

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