Oh Oh A New Craft

I have succumbed.
I was swayed by lots of enablers at the SSK retreat.  But they could have just pushed me with a feather and I would have fallen into this rabbit hole.

  1. It’s portable.  You can do it just about anywhere.
  2. It’s not a big investment in equipment.
  3. You are using different muscles than knitting and sewing.
  4. It’s very relaxing.
  5. Imagine getting exactly what you want to knit.

On a whim, I had already signed up for Malia‘s Find the Spindle that Sings class.  She was a great teacher.  I should have signed up for the beginning spindle class.  Because, like the first Photoshop class I took where I didn’t even know how to turn on the Mac, I didn’t know how to start.  But I caught up quickly with the more experienced spinners.

She went through techniques and other things that are variables in the qualities of the finished yarn, before going over all the different types of spindles.  We had an opportunity to test out all the spindles she demonstrated and different types of fiber.  I fell in love with 3.

Kate’s Cauldron (simple top spindle), Forrester ( Star Trek looking top spindle) and a turkish.

By the end of the class, I felt like it really was the right class for me.

Pic of Jeri Brock Turkish Spindle

My first spinning project

I decided to get a spindle at the market, a Jeri Brock turkish spindle.  But also decided NOT to get any fiber.  I have a little at home that was given to me.  If I finish what I have, than I’ll make the commitment to go further.

You see, my original idea for the spindle class…I wanted to figure out how a quick and easy way to ply all the thrift shop sweaters I already have.  You see, I was in sticker shock when I started knitting and thought, how cool would it be to knit with a $2 merino/silk men’s sweater.  I didn’t realize how thin and weak the yarn is.  Malia said that commercial sweaters are single ply with very little twist, all the strength and structure is in the knitting machines.  We can’t knit as finely as the machines.  I would agree.

pic of 1st finished MerinoHandspun

First finished hank of Merino Handspun

I have a lot of work/fun ahead.

But I need to do more research on finishing the yarn.  The spinning is slow, but I’m getting a decently even thickness in the single.  This is strictly for fun.  I don’t like the first plying attempt.  It is too loose.   I was hoping for some advise at the last knitting guild meeting.  No such luck.  I may have to start watching more spinning podcasts and checking on more YouTube videos.




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