Purse #1: Done for Now

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Of course it’s not perfect.  Is any bag perfect?


(pic of front of purse)

Yeah, It’s done. And I like it.

  1. I love the fabric mix.
  2. I love the size.
  3. I love the inside pockets.
  4. I love upcycling
    (strap, hardware and zipper are from an old purse)
  5. Check marks all my wish list.

Not so good:

  1. The lining fabric wasn’t stiff enough to stand up. I had to add boning at the sides.
  2. My stitching wasn’t perfect.  The faux leather kept stretching which caused some puckering.  Still more to learn.  Fortunately, it’s not on the public side.  I have a new roller foot that should eliminate this as a problem.
  3. (pic of back of purse)

    Faux leather nightmare

    One design flaw that is bugging me, that can’t be fixed…yet.  The inside curve of the bottom is bulging out.  I wanted the inside curve to fit around the hip for comfort and to sit on a table without toppling over.  This will take some thinking.

I wish I had time to make a matching wallet.  Maybe next week.

Am I always thinking about the NEXT project.  Yep, I think the next bag will be a slouchy style.



5 thoughts on “Purse #1: Done for Now

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