Purse #1: Try Try Again

One of the things I have learned the hard way…This is the “fail as fast as you can” stage.

It’s better to discover what you don’t want or what doesn’t work at this stage with paper models.


(pic of purse prototypes)

Enlarged model

Two of the small models looked promising, so I was ready to make the equivalent of a muslin pattern.  Instead, I made a better decision to expand the model to full size using brown paper grocery bags.  (shortcut thinking: I can always use this as the pattern for cutting.)  One of the model designs was eliminated based on being too bulky in the full size model.  I throw all these rejects and notes in a bin to revisit at another time.

(pic of Prototype Interior)

Inside Pockets

Time to focus on additional favorite features (accommodating all the stuff I want to carry in this bag).  Minor adjustments needed for the pockets.

Time to make a working model in denim.  Although not all the kinks are worked out.  I’m in a rush, so decided to improvise on the final bag.  Unfortunately, I forgot a few little features and to also work out ALL the processes, specifically, finishing the tabs.  But I don’t know if this would have changed with less time pressure.

(pic of potential purse fabrics)

Prototype Fabric Audition

Time to pick the final fabrics.  This is the fun and most time consuming part.  So many possibilities, so many potential mistakes.  I was happy with the first choice (black faux leather, black indoor outdoor fabric, nylon lining, and black micro suede.  But decided it was too safe and too dark.


(pic of selected fabrics)

Final selection of purse

Better to find something that was more summery.  Started with a favorite decorator linen toile, matched with a primitive pattern, another dark chocolate-brown faux leather, upcycling hardware from an old bag.

Getting excited….



4 thoughts on “Purse #1: Try Try Again

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