Part 2: My First Reaction to JOCRF

I first heard about Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation (JOCRF) from one of hubby’s professors years and years ago. Timing couldn’t have been worse, with hubby still in grad school, our first baby and a first house.  The thought of spending $400 for a test and a long trip to a major city was the same as flying to Italy to buy a Lamborghini.

I regret that thinking now.

I needed help.  I had a career path that looked more like a maze with lots of dead ends and wrong turns.  I loved each job and excelled in them…for about a year, then I tolerated them and then hated them by the end of the second year.  OK, maybe it was just immaturity…but I didn’t outgrow this behavior.

I REALLY thought there was something really wrong with me.

15 years after that first conversation, for my 40th birthday present to myself, I went.

Day 1: a long day of very different quick tests. Some were fun, like playing a game, some were like a throwback to a miserable high school test. Each only lasted approximately 20 minutes. Definitely exhausted at the end of the day.
Day 2: hubby was able to be present at the counseling session which lasted an hour or more.

Counselor’s opening line:
You’re not a very patient person, are you?
A. Hey, that HURT!
B. Me? Impatient? That’s the last thing anyone would have called me!
C. Did he really say that? Where in the world did he get that from?
D. Was this the biggest waste of my time AND money AND an insult!?!
E. OK, that REALLY HURTS! How do I keep from crying?

Amazing how many thoughts go through in a few seconds. And how quickly tears come.

He back tracks…’No, no, no….It’s a good thing! The best consultants have the same trait.’
Now I’m confused.

He went line by line with the results of the tests, while I try to calm down.
I cannot recall everything he said. Writing this post is helping to bring back some of that memory.  I’ll have to parse out some of the details in subsequent posts. Let’s just say, as he talked, the more comfortable I got.  It went further than comfortable.  It was very weird to heard someone talk about me as if they knew EVERYTHING about me. He was making SENSE of all my quirkiness.

I remember thinking over and over again, ‘I wish I knew this years ago.’

UNTIL the very end when he said I’d make a great industrial engineer.
What’s an industrial engineer? Assuming it involves 4-6 years of school and a lot of math, calculus, physics.  That’s NOT GOIN’ HAPPEN!  No way.

That’s about as relevant as the Briggs Myers test said I was most like a chemist. I reacted that evaluation the same.  Ha! What a joke! Me!?! I nearly flunked chem in high school.

So did I waste our time and money?  I did not.  It was the best investment I’ve ever made.  I am not an industrial engineer, but it turns out I DO THINK like an industrial designer.

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