Panic: I Need A New Purse!

Since this is a blog about the crafting process, I thought I should include you in the beginning stages.  But I am in a rush.  The editing will not be perfect.

This whole sewing project started several years before I learned to knit. I bought some wonderful faux leathers in olive green ostrich, sparkly silver, and slightly practical creamy yellow. Just like yarn stash, they have been marinating until I felt brave enough to cut into them. Unlike yarn, once you make that first cut.  There is no frogging.  There is no do-overs.  In other words, there is hesitation and fear.

Since I started making the knitting project bags, I’ve been cutting and sewing lots of faux leather and other great fabrics. I have overcome my fear of the faux.

But of course, I still needed an outside catalyst (a kick in the pants) to do something about it.
The catalyst: opening the Etsy shop and going to SSK in less than two weeks!

I love my knitting project bags. They are colorful and fun and a little sophisticated. My own personal purse is BORING.  It is a very practical early black Baggalini cross body. I need to show up with something more interesting.  I need to add a bit of fun.  Hence the panic.

That is the very beginning for my design process. I need to solve a few problems/criteria.
A. I need something with more style and color than basic black.
B. I need to finish it in 10 days.
C. It should still be in the ‘Calm’ and neutrals, so still on the practical side.
D. Cross body and/ or backpack style.
E. easy access to phone, lipgloss, sunglasses, biz cards and keys
F. Comfortable to carry (I’m short and have shoulder/neck issues)
G. Secure place for license, cash, and cards
H. Organized, easy to find anything
I. Not floppy when sitting on a table

Oops, that’s a long list.

Here goes….

Step one: Research.  I’m not a shopper.   Going around to the stores is not my idea of fun.  So glad we have Pinterest now.  I searched on cross body bags.  Found too many.  Changed search to cross body bag tutorials.  Found enough to be interesting.

(pic of bag models)

Model construction of possible cross body bags

Step two: Model construction.  I start with binder paper.  Nothing fancy.  I just need to understand basic construction and possible tweaking.

Next steps:

Prototyping, Fabric Selection and Construction

Critique and Wear



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