Part 1: Who is Johnson O’Connor?

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m not a chatty person.  If you and I have a chance to meet and if you ask, I will freely chat about crafting, food, and faith.  I’m much more interested in finding out about you.  As we are chatting and you tell me you have a child or grandchild in high school or in college or you are about to retire, just retired, or in career transition, I WILL tell you about Johnson O’Connor.  SInce nearly everyone is the last one, in career transition, I’ve been very chatty these last few years.  Most of the time, I get blank stares until I share a few of the stories.  No one “gets it” until I do tell a few stories.

First of all, Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation (JOCRF) is not your fairy godmother or fortune-teller magically plopping you into your ideal career path.  Instead, I got an honest look at who I am, warts and all.  If you are not ready to see your warts as an asset than wait until you can.  It took me quite a while to figure out how to use the information I learned.  Even so, I wish I had this information 20-30 years earlier.

The basic information:

As an engineer, Johnson O’Connor was charged with researching ways to improve productivity at General Electric around 1922.  He theorized this could be accomplished by pairing individuals’ natural aptitudes with appropriate jobs.  The program was successful.  So successful, the workers wanted their children to be evaluated to help in their education and later jobs.  As the organization grew, the focus switched from corporate productivity to the individual’s job satisfaction, with testing offices in several major cities around the country.

The website and Facebook pages have more on the history, and other’s stories.  GO there for all current information.

The best time is to go BEFORE you plan a major career change or you are unhappy in  your current situation.   You may not need to make a big life change to find satisfaction.  You might only need to channel a missed aptitude outside of work.

By the way, I do not have any financial relationship with JOCRF.  And all the following posts are drawn from personal experience of mine, family and friends.  I don’t always have 20-30 minutes to chat with folks, like at the cash register, about this. Now I can say, read my website/blog to find out more.

Part 2: My First Reaction to JOCRF

Part 3: Impatience equals Problem Solver

More to come…





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