Bad News Good News

Bad News Good News

Bad News

Well, I did buy one Singer 4432 Heavy Duty sewing machine on sale.  It was returned to the store as soon I came back into town.

So sad…so frustrating…I gave up on it after working on one bag.  Ripping seams more than sewing is not fun or productive.  And it was happening every time I got to the most difficult NORMAL part of bag assembly process.  The last thing needed was to add more than normal frustration to a step I already consider a wrestling match.

I could have loved this machine.  Love the needle threading feature.  It did much better than my old Elna sewing over thick seams.  Everything was going well until I had to adjust the position of the needle in the middle of stitching.   It needs to be done at the bottom corners. A few stitches after turning the corner, a really ugly scraping sound comes up from below.  Another inch of stitching and then nothing moves.   The bobbin clogged with thread.  Threads have to be cut from below the fabric.

I was hoping I just bought a lemon.  But online research did mention problems with the bobbin case clogging.

I’ll look at the Juki next week.

Follow up….

Good News

The same machine was $40 cheaper at another store.  I decided it was worth trying again.  Good news, no problems with the clogging bobbin.  It topstitched beautifully except the brute force sound of the needle pounding through thick layers.  It doesn’t sing like my old Elna.  In the tradition of my second cousin naming her inanimate objects and in honor of her grandfather, this machine will be known as Henry.  I think I will get a second one, so Henry will have a twin brother.

Henry has put me back in business.


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