Zigzagging or Neither

I’m neither zigging or zagging at the moment.

The two sewing machines I’ve been using gave up within days.  The Elna, I’ve had since high school was making a rhythmic metallic grinding sound. Cleaning and oiling didn’t make a difference.  She went in last Monday to the repair shop.

Fortunately, I had borrowed a Kenmore (Ken) from a friend when Elna gave up the zigzag stitch last year.  After I made the gift bag, I cleaned Ken before starting the next round of bags.  He didn’t like my cleaning.  He decided not to feed the fabric as he was stitching. He went into the shop on Friday.

No sewing machines…What to do?   Catch up on data entry, scanning receipts, clean house, all the fun stuff I’ve been saving for later.  And time to get this blog up and running.

I had no idea the shop turn around time would be a week.  Sigh.
Prognosis at the repair shop:

Ken is fine and back at the table, ready to work at his old spot.  He just needed regular servicing.  The repair guy said Ken’s a great machine. The service costed $159.  I wonder if he says that to everyone.  I would feel really bad if I killed my friend’s machine.  Ken does work great for anything except vinyl.  The plastic housing and vinyl stick together like magnets.

And I did kill my Elna.  As in “I have never seen THAT gear crack before.  No replacement parts are available.  We can’t fix it.”  As in,  jamming the needle like a jack hammer through the fabric is not a good idea.  I was worried that I was pushing her too far.  But I thought she was a super-machine and could handle it.   We’ve been together longer than anything else, except my parents.  We have traveled all over the continent.  She created beautiful things for house and the family.  Is that enough of a eulogy for a machine?

But no time to weep.  Time to think about a replacement.


a. Knee lift (lifts the presser foot with your knee.  You can keep both hands on your work.)
b. Up/down needle (automatically positions the needle either down through your work or up above)
c. Heavy duty  (sew smoothly through extra thick or tough fabric)
d. As little computer software as possible (just call me a Luddite)
e. Cost (I don’t want to go into debt)

After checking out what’s available locally and online, I’ve settled on two possibilities and just decided on one of them.  After a week to consult with family and friends and research online and mental zigzagging, I decided on cost versus dream machine.  Call me practical.

Singer 4432 Heavy Duty $290/$189 on sale  (+ heavy-duty, +cost, + less computer) . I’ll pick this one up tomorrow.  It doesn’t have the knee lift or needle up/down features.  But it will perform better than Elna.  Sammy will be his name.  I might buy two Sammys, since he’s nearly the same price as a trip to the repair shop.

Juki TL2010Q $1000 no sale (+heavy-duty, +knee lift, + up/down needle, + less computer)  Juki will have to wait until I can afford her.  She is still my dream machine.




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