Double Needles

Double Needles

A Gift & Idea

A new friend just moved last week.  Sigh.

Shawl-size knitting project bag in Chocolate Strawberry

(Pic of Chocolate Strawberry Wedge)

Fortunately, I’m getting my sewing process streamlined. Sewed a knitting project bag for her in 2 days. Just before two of my sewing machines decided to go into the repair shop.

As she’s been unloading and unpacking, an idea blinked…

What if we blog together?

“You could chat about exploring the new town, your knitting and crafting/Etsy shop updates.
I could do the same exploring my parents’ town, my knitting and crafting/Etsy shop updates.”

Now to figure out how to do this….

I think we’ll temporarily call this segment, Double Needles.
Double needles, in sewing, is a special needle that produces two parallel stitches on the top.  Double knitting is a technique of using two strands of yarn at the same time, producing an image on one side and reverse image on the other.



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