To Blog or Not to Blog?

Woo hoo! youTube, google,…too hard to figure out good bad ugly,

podcasts and blogs about blogging a bit easier to filter through the information


yes, yes, nope,nope

(chart: yes, nope)

Squarespace vs WordPress…graphics, themes, branding, photography, writing.√,√,√,√, needs work but tentative √….I think I can handle it. Ok, this looks doable.  So far, so good.  I think I can post something worthwhile once or twice a week.  That’s 100 something posts a year.  I have at least that much to say in a year.

Then…SEO, affiliates, stats, ’email lists are gold’, daily posts…posting a blog a few minutes after delivering a baby.  Now I’m filled with dread.  Who are these people?  I don’t have not enough ambition, not enough energy, not enough words to say, not enough ideas in my head, not enough of anything… to do what they do.  Double panic, because the sewing wasn’t going well either.  Do I REALLY want to be making these bags for the next few years. Do I REALLY want to be hustling?  It was not a pleasant week.  That week…the answer was NO.

Time to pull back

Mommy (Stepford Wives style or snarky style) bloggers, personal finance bloggers, coaching bloggers, How to blog bloggers. These seem to be the most vocal category of bloggers/podcasters.

What world is this? Actually look at some of their blogs.  Nearly every website crashes my antique ipad.  I’m betting high memory load from flashing ads and pop up windows.
I have been SO sheltered.  I rarely go to blog websites.  I read blogs through Feedly or Flipboard (no ads, only content and pictures).  Oh…now it makes sense why Feedly crashes so often.  Time to clean out my bloated list of subscribed blogs.

Pull back further

and instead looked for knitting blogs.  What a contrast. A breath of fresh air.  This was better, more like visiting with a friend.  OK, decision made.  I’m staying somewhere in this group of bloggers.  Going with for now.  Ads are theirs, until I pay for no ads.  I’m no longer struggling with the bags.  And the only reason, I’ve started working on the blog (both my sewing machines are in the repair shop).

what can I contribute, how can I benefit the collective?
Why would anyone read my stuff?
Not sure yet.

Then I heard something interesting….the Blogging Your Passion, Jonathan Milligan says something…he is amultipotentialite.  What? There’s a name for that? That sounds like me!
Do I follow the White Rabbit down this hole?




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